You have a project manager training and even a management certificate, but you have the feeling that you can still grow in your job? You constantly wonder if you are doing the right thing because you feel that the work is faltering left and right? Your team gives the best of themselves and yet the results leave something to be desired? You have just attended a project management workshop at MAPP, but you would feel better if we guided you through its first application?

Don't worry! With dedicates, tailor-made guidance, we will work closely with you to answer questions and address issues and doubts. Completely tailored to your requirements, knowledge, experience, and skills. We grow into a successful project manager.

Project planning is very often based on good teamwork. After an in-house project management training, it may be desirable to start a new project with interactive guidance for the entire team and to help it on its way.

During our thorough coaching, we address your individual concerns and provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to successfully manage projects. Together we ensure that you are stronger than ever. According to your personal wishes or those of your team, we guide you through both a broad and deep analysis focused on the individuality of your projects or those of the team. With our help you will certainly come to all correct, complete, and relevant parameters. Do you want to go one step further? Then we do the risk assessment "tailored to your plan" together and look for solutions for risk management.

In short, we help you and the team to work more efficiently and gain more confidence.

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