MAPP has built up a portfolio of clients in specific sectors: SMEs, construction companies, industry, automotive, event sector and public services. We know the sensitivities of each business, which allows us to provide targeted support and quickly adapt as needed.



The risk for one-man businesses and SMEs is that several projects are often started at the same time or too quickly. What is missing is a concrete project plan and a clear assessment of the risks. This action-oriented do-it-yourself mentality is typical for SMEs, but costs a lot of (learning) time, money, and energy.

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Construction companies

The daily challenge in the construction sector is that the planning is constantly changing due to unforeseen circumstances or agreements that are not fulfilled. This generates a negative domino effect: frustrations increase, and the agreed deadlines are not met.

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In these rapidly evolving times, it is important for the industry to continuously innovate and set priorities. In the workplace, every project is different: a different team, goals, and time span. The challenge is to structure and control the different projects.

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Automotive industry

Are you in the driver's seat of change processes in the automotive sector? Then a change mindset is required to remain profitable and relevant in the market. You are equipped with strong project management skills: you can better assess risks, think out of the box, and identify new opportunities.

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Event sector

The event sector is facing several new challenges: guaranteeing health and safety, focusing on sustainability and ecology, the big shift to virtual events, ... With innovative project planning, the event sector can re-invent itself and adapt to emerging needs.

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Public sector

Despite the direct link with the government and the bureaucratic nature of the public sector, digitization and innovation projects are also pressing there. The big challenge is to direct the team spirit and motivation towards the same goals and to welcome and accept any kind of innovation.

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