Who is MAPP?

MAPP | Marc Adriaensen Professional Project management

Marc Adriaensen is the founder and driving force behind MAPP. He started his career at The Ministry of Defence of Belgium where he was responsible for several military operations, mainly in Africa but also in the Balkans and Afghanistan. As a teacher for candidates Higher Officer, he is an expert in operational planning. Marc is General Staf officer.

"When you say, “The army”, you automatically think of a dominant 'command & control' style, but there is a much deeper layering in it. In a military mission, every parameter is crucial: the strategy, the tools, the timing, the goals, the environment, the tasks, not to mention the team. When human lives are at stake, you must be able to count on each other and error-free planning is crucial. Everyone needs to know exactly what is expected of them and when. Even when circumstances suddenly change, we need to act quickly together to successfully complete the mission. Bottom line: the people in your team are the success factor in project management. "

 Marc Adriaensen, founder MAPP

MAPP | Major Answers to Professional Planning

The aim of MAPP is to integrate the sharpness, dynamics, and purposeful project approach, which are typical of military planning, into the business world. As a senior project manager, Marc Adriaensen provides tools and techniques to companies to bring project management to a higher – read: successful – level.

Since 2022 MAPP is taking care of the "Project management from A to Z" training at VOKA Limburg, Escala (Publc Sector and Social Profit), SBM (Companies) and Portilog (Antwerp and Brugge Seaport)

"About 50% of the projects started within companies fail: an exorbitant figure that means that a lot of time, money and energy is lost. I see companies investing in expensive project management software, but they lack accurate, complete, and relevant data in the input. Many "modern" insights are derived from military planning but often remain way to theoretical and only highlight a few aspects of the full project management spectrum The power of "mission analysis" is underestimated. The failure of a project is also due to incomplete preparation in which risks are assessed separately and out of the blue. Activity- and time management are not tested against reality and not updated. Hardly any attention is paid to communication, motivation, and respect."

 Marc Adriaensen, founder MAPP

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Who is MAPP?

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