The MAPP management tool is like a Swiss knife: a complete concept that integrates and combines ALL aspects of project management. We consider your management software, your way of working, your company DNA, and your weak points. Through hands-on webinars, open and in-company training and individual coaching, we build a solid foundation from which you can start every project with confidence and successfully complete it within the agreed deadlines.


The finesse of the assignment is often missed by not carefully analysing the assignment itself at the start. Formulating a 'restated' mission is not a superfluous luxury and ensures that you set the right direction from the beginning. 

  • "Mission analysis": Is the scope of your project clearly defined?
  • How do you develop a plan that fits in the vision and mission of the organisation?
  • How do you estimate a correct budget?
  • What software or tools will you use?
  • Who participates in your project at what stage?
  • What timing do you assign to the different activities and milestones?
  • What risks can you foresee and define?

"Risk management is not an exact science in itself; it is an integral part of planning. You only take a risk when you do something. An uncertain event (internal or external) is always the result of incomplete planning. In short, we plan for success and foresee the unforeseen so that you can switch faster in case of any changes." 

  • Marc Adriaensen, founder MAPP


Your project looks great on paper, but the implementation can be incredibly challenging. First, you need to create clarity for and involve  your team members to get them on board.

  • How do you convert the planning into executable tasks?
  • Who is responsible for which tasks?
  • How do you communicate the tasks?
  • How do you manage the project team?
  • How do you synchronize the activities within your team?
  • How can you motivate your project staff?

"Motivational leadership is crucial to driving your teams forward. Command & control will rarely work. As a project manager, it's your job to empower managers and teams. Through co-creation and authentic leadership, you achieve better and faster results."

  • Marc Adriaensen, founder MAPP


Steering and adjusting. You respond flexibly to questions, obstacles, new requirements and changing circumstances. You do that with, from and according to the plan. This way you keep your finger on the pulse to ensure that you achieve the objectives.

  • Are the intended objectives being achieved?
  • Do you assign the right responsibilities to the right people?
  • What are the internal/external reactions during the progress of the project?
  • How do you deal with certain bottlenecks or obstacles?
  • Do you achieve the objectives on the milestones?
  • Is the budget under control?
  • What are your own strengths and weaknesses within the project?

"Project managers and executives often face additional hurdles and challenges, sidetracking certain projects. In order to maintain situational awareness and focus, continuous monitoring is an important aspect within project management.".”

  • Marc Adriaensen, founder MAPP

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