Case Installation Project Medical Imaging

As site manager I was responsible for an installation project of a new medical device, currently unique in Belgium.

Since my project would trigger a high visibility, both in the Belgian and international medical world, it was extremely important to make a project planning from the start that could ensure with great certainty that the most important KPIs (budget and time) were respected.

All the knowledge I had until a few months before the start of the planning of the project, considered many variable parameters in a planning, but what I always missed was a way to also be able to plan risks. Every project manager knows that with a long-term project, unexpected things always arise that sometimes seriously undermine a schedule. When a risk arises, there is usually a major negative budgetary impact.

The training I received on the integral MAPP planning, including the use of the activity management and the matrix planning method, contributed to a significant extent to the success of my project in every aspect. I even managed to deliver with an additional margin of several percent.

I am convinced that without this extra knowledge that Marc taught me, this would not have been the case. Discovering  all the parameters and many opportunities made my planning and realization very strong, with a lot of attention for the people involved in the project.

Risk planning is an inevitable part of successful planning. It allows you to successfully deliver a project, especially within the pre-determined time and within the constraints of the set budget. The risk assessment as I learned to apply  Marc’s training, and which is really focused on the plan, has allowed me to remain master of my project and really make everything run smoothly.

Because of this success, I have been asked to accept the position of site manager for a project abroad. In the meantime, the entire project is already on track there and everything is going according to plan with a very satisfied customer.

I certainly owe this beautiful new turn in my career to the way MAPP has supported me and made me successful.

Thanks Marc!

Frank Clinckemaillie

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