Basics Project Management for non-project managers

It is hallucinatory but worldwide 70% of the projects are not successful. They go overtime, cost much more than budgeted or do not meet the objectives.

Basics Project management workshop or webinar

Employees often contribute to a project team, even though project management is not their core business. We therefore have an intensive hands-on project management workshop with a focus on the basics of project planning, success factors of project management, project tools and risk analysis. All steps from start to completion of the project are discussed. How do people come together in a project? What are the pitfalls? After this day, You will gain skills and confidence which you can apply to a project. We won't leave you wanting and provide you with many tools and insights.

There are multiple tendencies and methods in project management. We look at the most important ones with you and explain where the similarities are, their specific advantages and even show you a model where you can incorporate the advantages of multiple methods.

We are certainly also talking about LEAN, PRINCE2, PMBOK and GOTIK. Now maybe still gibberish and unintelligible, but after a day of intensive workshop you understand the language of the project managers.

Risk assessment is best "tailored to your plan". You only take a risk when you do something. We show you where it can go wrong and how to build your personal risk management on it.

Communication and leadership remain essential elements in successful project management. Converting your plan into a clear, simple, and structured language to ensure smooth execution is not a detail. Empowering your team through co-creation and authentic leadership will be the keys to ensuring faster results and success. But how do you do all that?

We ensure that after the training you can start, plan, lead and deliver small projects yourself. With your acquired knowledge, you will also become a valuable member of a project team for any project, of whatever nature and complexity.

However, have you already acquired some basic project management skills, and do you want to perfect your knowledge?

Then we have for you the ideal Project management course.

Interested? Want to know more about out workshop 'Basics project management'?

Basics Project Management for non-project managers

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