Workshop Project management from A to Z

Within your project team, not everything goes according to plan? Your expensive project management software does not give the desired results? Your team does an excellent job, but you feel that it can still grow? Don't worry! We are there to guide your team to successful project management.

Project management workshop or webinar

In this workshop we provide customization and take into account and integrate personal knowledge and skills of the team. All project management certificates (such as LEAN management and PRINCE2), vision, mission and values of your company, skills and requirements, management- and project management software, deserve a place in our model. We put an emphasis on an interactive approach which allows us to deal with the questions and uncertainties of everyone.

We organize the tailor-made project management workshop with real-life examples from your own company. There is plenty of room for personal input and questions.

During this workshop we look together at what can be improved and how you can still grow in your position to achieve successful project management, throughout all phases. From the start of your project over activity and time management, to project planning, risk assessment and -control, communication, leading your project during execution, quality control to the successful delivery.

A project is exposed to many parameters and influences, but through a deep analysis you gather all the correct, complete, and relevant data for your project. If you use a management software, this also guarantees a successful outcome.

Our MAPP vision and working method prevents wasting resources, allows you to focus, think "out of the box" and identify opportunities.

Activity- and time management

Activity and time management opens the training as an essential part of the planning and follow-up. It is your overview of the preparation, the planning itself and the entire execution. Up to and including delivery, your team follows daily what happens where.

Project planning & analysis

Afterwards, you will study the elements of project planning and delve into the secrets of analysis. At the end of this phase, you formulate the conclusions of the analysis that lead to a workable plan.

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is "tailored to your plan". You only take a risk when you do something, and your personal risk management plan is built on that.

Communication & authentic leadership

Communication and leadership remain essential elements in successful project management. Converting your perfect plan into clear, simple, and structured language to ensure smooth execution is not a detail. Empowering your team through co-creation and authentic leadership will be the keys to ensuring faster results and success.

In short, your team learns to plan for success and to foresee the unforeseen.

After the project management workshop, you will be able to draw up a schedule for each project, of whatever nature and complexity, which guarantees your success in its management and keeps the execution within time and budget.

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Workshop Project management from A to Z

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